i'm kasia i was jarvisfocker and this is totally not a beatles blog who are they anyway blah blah bla  negative creep(s)
Day 19: alleen #Elvis blijft bestaan #100happydays #vscocam  (bij Kasia’s crib)
Day 18: Kreeft Sebastiaan is in blijde verwachting!!?!?!?!? #100happydays  (bij Kasia’s crib)
Day 17: I love going for a walk #100happydays #vscocam  (bij Melsele)
Today  (bij Melsele)
Genieten zé ze  (bij Kasia’s crib)
Day 15: Today I’m making up for all the days I didn’t post something. #vscocam #100happydays  (bij Kasia’s crib)
Day 14: Probably the best doughnut I’ve ever had. I swear I’m not obsessed with food. #oekniwoar #vscocam #100happydays  (bij Kasia’s crib)
Day 10: I’m so bad at keeping up with this #100happydays thingy lmao #vscocam (bij Bazel City)
Me on my first day of school #tbt  (bij Kiel 2020)
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